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In-House Course

Program Sturcture: 10 Lessons, 1 Hour Per Lesson, Once a week

Your child gets to learn the proper sitting, standing and walking posture in order to feel and look confident. Part of the course will also cover table manners, where your child will learn about the different cutlery used in a formal banquet and the do’s and don’ts when attending a function.

This course gives your child the experience of casting for tv commercials, so that he/she will be more comfortable in front of the camera when attending auditions. Being in front of the camera and an audience is a totally different experience. Therefore, your child will be exposed to a group of audience by being involved in a fashion show at the end of the course, which is also the graduation day.

The profile of your child will be kept by the centre and we will act as an agent for fashion shows, tv commercials and print ads after your child has completed the grooming course (only through the consent of the parent)

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