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In-House Course

Program Sturcture: 10 Lessons, 1 Hour Per Lesson, Once a week

It is important that your child possesses a solid character. Character deals with matters of the heart and it is the foundation of a person. This course focuses on activities that emphasize the importance of character building traits such as honesty and integrity, love and kindness, unity and cooperation, potential and self-worth, trust and faith, gratitude and courage. The activities provided in this course would be educational and would engage ways to teach your child the values he/she will need to become true pillars of the community.

In terms of public speaking, your child will learn to embrace fear and to accept the fact that fear will always be there. The key to being able to speak in public is to focus on the delivery. Your child will learn to use visual aids, gestures and vocal variety to enhance his/her speech or story. He/she will have a chance to present a speech or story in public on the day of the graduation.

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